Moisés «Moe»

Known among the dance scene as “Moe”, he’s been a self-taught b-boy since 2003. Moe began to formally study contemporary dance in 2009, with a basic knowledge of other dance styles such as Urban and Afro-Latin. He has choreographed numerous performances and shows for a variety of dance companies of which Break da Key company of Salamanca should be highlighted for its combination of latin and urban styles.

Moe has participated as a guest in international competitions, including “DoyoBee” in Salzburg, Austria. He has provided comprehensive courses and workshops – particularly noteworthy is “Get Fresh 3” which took place in Timisoara, Romania, where he also participated as a judge. In addition, he has organized international Hiphop festivals such as “Top 30′ Spain” in Cáceres, which was sponsored by the Government of Extremadura and brands like Coca Cola and Eastpak.

He has spent a number of months practicing b-boying in New York City during 2007, where he took part in the History Channel documentary “How Bruce Lee Changed the World”, among other spots. In addition, he is one of the creators and administrators of the website – a forum and discussion board for b-boying in Spanish-speaking countries.